Wednesday, February 29, 2012

follow me on my journey paddling down the mississippi river

While hiking the Appalachian Trail last year ( my 1st great adventure) ..i realized this amazing hike of a lifetime would come to an end and started thinking of whats next?It didn't take long for me to figure out a canoe trip down the Mississippi river was just the kind of thing i needed.So for the last few months i have researched every speck of data i could get my hands on...Blogs,video's facebook pages nautical charts and countless friends of hikers that i consider my trail family. I its official i will be leaving lake Itasca,MN on April 2nd  and heading the 2,300 miles down the mighty mississippi river solo in a canoe.i will update this blog and my facebook page as often as possible from the river.Besides my selfish reasons for wanting to spend months out in the wild..I feel i should share this journey with others who may not be physically able to do it them selves or too hectic of a lifestyle or maybe even those folks who are considering it and maybe my blog can give them that little push to get them started...after hiking the trail i met so many people interested in what it was like ,how we survived and such..I have to say the hiking and scenery was incredible..but the people met along the way and the lifetime friendships that have been forged are priceless !!!! Henry

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