Tuesday, April 3, 2012

haven't had a chance to write i got  sick from not changing the filters in my work respirator.....But I'm feeling a lot better.
Received a box of goodies from the kind folks over at thegearhouse.com
2 xl granite gear dry sacks,2 sm granite gear dry sacks'1 White Rock outback hat
2 packs pocket "duct tape",3 pack of lightload towels
18 packs of afterbite "itch eraser",12 pack of Tinder quik for easy fire starting
1 coleman travel camp soap good for dishes and hands
1 survival bracelet, if you need to you can unravel it for approx 10 feet of nylon cord
2 backpacker pantry instant garlic potato's..do yourself a favor and check out their site,great outfitter,for backpacking, ultralight gear and paddling.I'm sure some of my hiking friends already know of them they had a booth set up at Trail days 2010/2011. my thanks goes out to them for
 helping me out with gear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     My trip is still on and my date to leave should be April 10th,2012
still cant decide to just update my phone to iPhone or buy the hand held gps...and still trying to find a deecent PFD(life jacket) but otherwise i have most everything needed !!!