Tuesday, March 13, 2012

wow thanks for the responses

just noticed in two days the lbog has hadnearly 500 visitors and they are from ten different countries!! i think thats incredible,thanks so much for all the encouragment !!

thanks for all the replys to sponsorship or help with used gear

opened my email today and was pleasantly suprised to see reply's from many adventurers and outfittters !
trying desperatly to upgrade some equipment/possibly field test gear,as many of you know  i hiked the A.T. last year with ancient gear ,it made it a little rougher on me but was a heck of a learning experience
looking for any support..gear (used is fine) returned merchandise dry bags used handheld gps a decent pfd (personal flotation device) wide brimmed hat,paddles heck even a used canoe as long as it doesnt come with a bilge pump or even just a sticker from your company for the canoe