Wednesday, March 7, 2012

less then a month to go!!

less then a month to go!!
    i cant sleep and probably wont get very much until i get on the river ..anticipation is killing me
.my backpack sits in the corner and scream at me lets do it !!!
(backpack doesn't understand about finances)
I'm slowly getting rid of the caffeine a little bit each day. i had terrible headaches at the beginning of the Appalachian trail which miraculously went away every morning when i had some coffee ?? lol? and I'm not so bummed about putting on 40 lbs this winter cause i know it will disappear quickly with paddling.i have watched and read every bit of info i could get my hands on,and completely overloaded myself with info(someone should really limit my computer time !!) thanks to everyone who's following my ramblings,they will hopefully get better when I'm on the river,well the pics will at least