Sunday, March 11, 2012

going to check out some canoes and whats wrong with sponsors these days?

well i've got a few leads on canoes this week just gotta run around and check them out,weight is an issue obviously and a solo canoe would be nice but they are scarcer as, long as i dont need a bilge pump i guess it doesnt really matter what it is just as long as it will float for a couple thousand miles

Still looking for a used hand held gps if anyone knows of someone who might let it go cheap and im still looking for a decent but comfortable (PFD)life jacket

  I'm shocked to see i have followers on this blog from from nine different countries!!!
its amazing how the Internet brings people together
i will start posting pics of my gear soon so you can check it out and maybe someone  will feel sorry for me and my ancient stuff and donate/loan/sponsor me some new stuff !!!!
i have talked to a few manufacturers and since I'm not a proficient blogger they were hesitant to supply much of anything...their loss i think a 15 foot ad on two sides of a canoe traveling 2,000+ miles would be great advertising especially since anyone who would see it is in the right demographic .

different countries following the blog !!
 States, Italy, United Kingdom
,Canada, Germany, Spain, Poland ,Romania, Russia



  1. very nice...your journey of discovery sounds awesome and beyond any journeys that you may have done in the past...wishing you a peaceful, safe and joyous journey......

  2. Thanks so much Ms.Lynn for following my adventure and for being a great friend even when i wasn't ...Your words encouragment help a great deal and i know they come from the heart !!!!!!!