Monday, March 26, 2012

Pre trip---- Road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gotta make a three state road trip to pick up some car parts for Van Jr.
and some supplies for work,soooooo im gonna do everything i can do in three states to find me a canoe or kayak today,,,if i wait any longer ,there is no telling what i might end up with,i have looked at so many ads from so many stores i  was even tempted by a sit on kayak with a mini sail!!!local distributor had ad on craigslist for canoes and kayaks for $299.00 and up,so took time to drive over for the classic bait and switch they tell me those ads posted two days ago were for 2011 models,which they just sold the last off but they were happy to offer me one of the same models a year newer ,for a mere      $300.00 dollars more !!!!i cant stand deceptive ads and won't spend any money  there at all....will update later and let ya know what happens.....


  1. You should be able to get a used canoe for under 300 dollars. Here is a new one at Academy for $299.

  2. info is much appreciated,the canoe happens to be out of stock of course..... but i found a used old town canoe basically the same as the one you sent link for,couple years older but in good shape for $350.00 and only a hour from my house also includes a pfd,and a couple of paddles !!!so things are looking up cant wait to get started and a sponsor says i should be expecting a package soon!!!! will post pics of canoe and what the sponsor sends as soon as they arrive
    thanks again,