Friday, April 6, 2012

feeling a lot better and should be leaving for the river on the 10th, i decided to start in the turkey river which leads to the Mississippi ..this will give me a couple days to get used to the new canoe and gear before i hit the Mississippi!! and  this way if i have any problems i cant handle on the river i can call in assistance that's only a few hours away...really missing all my friends from the Appalachian trail and if all goes well i  will hitch from the gulf of Mexico to the trail days party in Damascus,Va mid may....that's a 3 day party you don't wanna miss whether your a hiker or not !!!!!,just spoke to
" tom n huck" whos paddleboarding the Mississippi river to the gulf and then down to the keys,Toms a great guy and has offered me a list of places worth stopping at and a contact list of people he met who may be able to assist a solo paddler on the river !!!!!


  1. Go get em Henry. Please let me know if you need any guidance. Don't worry the river teaches you all you need to know when you need to know just be sure to stay humble to its power and listen to its lessons.

  2. Hey Henry, I hope you catch up to me. I am putting in next Saturday. April 14th at New Madrid. Please let me know about those contacts for the lower river. All the best to you man!